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AG Photochemical Reaction Engineering





Optimization of Photoreactors:


  identification of bottle necks in photo(micro)reactors by:

  • setting up the photon balance form already available experimental data

  • measuring the photon fluxes by actinometry

  • evaluating photochemical processes in a holistic view

  • improving the photonic efficiency by using polychromatic light


Optimal Reaction Control:


  • photochemical synthesis of nanoparticles in flow reactors

  • (photo-) electrochemical synthesis of hydrogen peroxide


Light as a Tool:


  • phototchemical reactions as switchable tool for the fundamental investigation of

    mass transfer in gas-liquid-flows


Complementary Topics:


  • 3D printing for fast and easy adaption of reactors and equipment 

  • CFD and multiphysics simulation for an improved understanding of mass and heat transfer