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PD Dr. Yvonne Traa



M. Trautmann*, A. Löwe and Y. Traa*:
"An Alternative Method for the Production of Second-Generation Biofuels"
Green Chem. 16 2014 3710-3714.

G. Näfe, Y. Traa, T. Hirth and E. Klemm:
"True Catalytic Behavior of Lactic Acid Dehydration on Zeolite Na-Y in the Gas Phase Measured by Means of a Novel Apparatus Design"
Catal. Lett. 144 2014 1144-1150.

D. Wan Hussin and Y. Traa*:
"Production of High-Octane Fuel Components by Dehydroalkylation of Benzene with Mixtures of Ethane and Propane"

Energy Fuels 28 2014 3352-3356.



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